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Where Does Your Brand Go For Summer?

In Australia and New Zealand, summer is almost upon us and while most people are looking forward to some relaxing time with loved ones, it’s not a time for your brand to take a break. In fact, some media experts say it’s exactly at this time of the year when people are taking leave from work, spending more time outside and catching up with friends and families, that your brand can get the recognition it needs to boost sales.

What does this trend tell us?

Statistics from the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) show that organisations and advertisers can really leverage the high temperatures and holiday feeling to increase sales, particularly with inventive outdoor media placements, instead of traditional channels, such as TV:

Don’t let your brand relax over the summer season!

How can your organisation leverage consumer preferences this summer?

First you need to listen to and understand the specific habits of your customers, because each brand’s consumers are different. One of the best ways to do this is with a social media monitoring tool such as Astute SRM (Social Relationship Management). You’ll be able to gain insights into what your consumers are seeing, doing, and saying online and what their needs might be.

Then you need to filter out the 97% of social chatter to find the meaningful data you need. Astute can help your organisation to define company and/or product or brand specific criteria according to what you are trying to learn about your consumers.

Next you’ll need to see and understand the statistics behind your customers, where they are in the world, who they are and how influential they are so that you can maximise your reach and adapt accordingly. With Astute SRM you are able to integrate this data into your CRM to produce a comprehensive view of your consumer and pipelines.

When you have all the right consumer information, you can then begin engaging with your market; this is where social media can help you to start to build and enhance relationships with your customers online, in real time.

Finally, you’ll want to measure how successful you were in meeting your company’s objectives. The Astute SRM tool means there are no more guessing games about what your customers need and no more wondering what the best approach to reach your customers will be. You’ll be able to make quick and accurate decisions based on real time demographics and statistics and put into place optimisation strategies that adapt and respond accordingly.

Want to make the most of your summer and let your brand do all the hard work? Contact Astute Solutions today.