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Nov 30, 2018

3 Unique Knowledge Management Challenges for Your Distributed Workforce

Knowledge management (KM) and knowledge transfer can be major pain points within organizations. Let's look at three key challenges of managing knowledge effectively when you have a distributed workforce.
Nov 09, 2018

5 Reasons Integrated Agent Knowledge is Essential for Customer Case Management

With customer engagement on the rise, efficiency and accuracy matter more than ever. Your front-line agents are your brand ambassadors, and you need to be able to rely on them to provide quick, consistent, correct resolutions to your customers. One of the most powerful ways to optimize your agent desktop experience is to embed valuable knowledge tools directly into their workflow, and here are five reasons why.
Aug 01, 2018

6 Steps to Building a Better Knowledgebase Article Template

As customers continue to demand better self-service options, building and maintaining a robust, relevant knowledgebase has become more important than ever. Here are six key best practices for developing your knowledgebase article templates to ensure the right information gets to the right audience, right when they need it.
Feb 09, 2018

5 Ways to Minimize Agent Turnover in Your Contact Center

Contact center agents are on the front lines with customers every day, and the customers aren't always happy. The stress of this role can take a toll on agent happiness and the quality of service they are providing. This often leads to agent turnover, a problem many contact center's face. It happens because agents aren't always receiving the tools they need to effectively deliver great customer support. From the interface they use to their scripts, here are five ways to improve agent engagement and reduce turnover in the contact center.
Jan 02, 2018

Engaging Millennials, Part 6: CPG Brands Must Help Customers Help Themselves

In our Engaging Millennials blog series, we've explored how this generation is re-shaping various industries, and what brands can do to improve engagement among their younger customers. The final edition in the series focuses on how CPG brands can unify the customer experience across channels.
Oct 11, 2017

Engaging Millennials, Part 1: 4 Ways Auto Brands Can Drive Engagement

In this new series, we take a look at how Millennials are shaping different industries, and what brands must be doing to engage this generation.
Jul 13, 2017

The Value of Virtual Agents: Reducing Contact Volume via Web Self-Service

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again: your customers want immediate, always-on service and they want to contact you through their preferred channel, not yours. This should come as great news, because you can easily meet those demands with web self-service and virtual agents, which can cost as much as 60 times less per contact than a call center agent!
Jan 31, 2017

5 Essentials for Your Knowledge Management Software Needs

Customers have always been thrilled by the ability to self-serve. That joy has become an expectation as more than 90% of consumers say they expect a brand to provide some form of self-service. To be distinguished, simply having a self-service option is not enough. You need to back your offerings with an accurate knowledge management system. As you evaluate your options for potential customer self-service options, it is critical to have a clearly defined list of what is important to you.
Dec 20, 2016

Knowledge Management in the Call Center: 6 Ways You're Getting It Wrong

Today’s consumers want answers, and they want them now. When they contact you for support, they expect to be served by someone who knows your products and services inside and out, but for most companies, that involves more memorization than even a Jeopardy champion could handle. So what are you doing wrong? Here are six best practices for using knowledge management in the call center to make every agent an expert.
Dec 05, 2016

Improving Your Agent Efficiency in Six Simple Steps

Customer service has always been seen as essential to establishing brand loyalty, yet many consumers will tell you companies have lost sight of that. Due to quick access to more information from the internet, consumer expectations have shifted. Companies must find ways to meet their expectations, fluid as they may be, and find ways to keep up as they continue to change.