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Jan 09, 2019

5 Reasons Integrated Agent Knowledge is Essential for Customer Case Management

Optimize your agent desktop experience by embedding valuable knowledge tools directly into their workflow.
Nov 30, 2018

3 Unique Knowledge Management Challenges for Your Distributed Workforce

Knowledge management and knowledge transfer can be major pain points with a distributed workforce.
Aug 01, 2018

6 Steps to Building a Better Knowledgebase Article Template

Ensure your knowledgebase article templates deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time.
Feb 09, 2018

5 Ways to Minimize Agent Turnover in Your Contact Center

Dealing with upset customers every day is no picnic. Here's how to improve agent engagement and reduce turnover.
Jan 02, 2018

Engaging Millennials, Part 6: CPG Brands Must Help Customers Help Themselves

How is this generation re-shaping the CPG industry, and how can CPG brands unify experiences across channels?
Oct 11, 2017

Engaging Millennials, Part 1: 4 Ways Auto Brands Can Drive Engagement

How are Millennials re-shaping the auto industry, and what must your brand be doing to engage this generation?
Jul 13, 2017

The Value of Virtual Agents: Reducing Contact Volume via Web Self-Service

Customers want immediate, always-on service and to contact you through their preferred channel, not yours.
Jan 31, 2017

5 Essentials for Your Knowledge Management Software Needs

Customers have always been thrilled by the ability to self-serve. That joy has become an expectation as more than 90% of consumers say they expect a brand to provide some form of self-service. To be distinguished, simply having a self-service option is not enough. You need to back your offerings with an accurate knowledge management system. As you evaluate your options for potential customer self-service options, it is critical to have a clearly defined list of what is important to you.
Dec 20, 2016

Knowledge Management in the Call Center: 6 Ways You're Getting It Wrong

Today’s consumers want answers, and they want them now. When they contact you for support, they expect to be served by someone who knows your products and services inside and out, but for most companies, that involves more memorization than even a Jeopardy champion could handle. So what are you doing wrong? Here are six best practices for using knowledge management in the call center to make every agent an expert.
Dec 05, 2016

Improving Your Agent Efficiency in Six Simple Steps

Customer service has always been seen as essential to establishing brand loyalty, yet many consumers will tell you companies have lost sight of that. Due to quick access to more information from the internet, consumer expectations have shifted. Companies must find ways to meet their expectations, fluid as they may be, and find ways to keep up as they continue to change.
Nov 20, 2016

What Is Customer Knowledge Management?

Customer knowledge management refers to the tools and processes that a company uses to capture, store, organize, access, and analyze data about its customers, for the purposes of enhancing its sales, retention, and engagement efforts. If you follow best practices, the result will be a unified, 360-degree view of the customer.
Oct 03, 2016

Spotlight on FSMA: What You Need to Know

After years of drafting, public commentary, and waiting periods, the FDA has published seven FSMA regulations, two of which were put in effect this month. Read on for a quick overview of the Food Safety Modernization Act and its implications for customer service professionals.
Jun 12, 2016

Product Updates: June 2016

From new image drag and drop capabilities in Astute Knowledge to an affinities screen for listening in Astute Social, find all the latest features and updates to Astute products in June.
May 31, 2016

What CX Pros Need to Know about Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing (NLP) refers to technology's ability to understand human language and converse with humans. It can apply to both voice and text-based conversations. When NLP works, it feels a little like magic. Customer-facing systems equipped with advanced NLP technology can provide incredible benefits for customer engagement.
Apr 28, 2016

3 Ways to Keep Your Knowledgebase in Great Shape

Creating and maintaining a knowledgebase is like going to the gym. You know you should do it because it will be good for you in the long run, but it's difficult to get motivated. And despite what those late-night infomercials might say, there really isn't a quicker, easier way to get to the end result -- not for fitness, anyway. But there is an easier way to create and maintain an accurate knowledgebase despite constant organizational changes. Here are three ways to tackle the task of knowledge management without losing your head.
Feb 13, 2016

Creating Excellent Web Self-Service Experiences: Part 4

Customers prefer to use web self-service to find answers to their questions, challenging companies to provide effective and useful self-service interactions. Web self-service solutions have the potential to improve customer retention and website conversion while lowering service costs.
Feb 12, 2016

Creating Excellent Web Self-Service Experiences: Part 3

Web self-service has become the preferred mode of initial customer communication, providing massive potential for companies to wow their customers with advanced self-service technologies. Successful service interactions lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention, as well as reduced costs.
Feb 11, 2016

Creating Excellent Web Self-Service Experiences: Part 2

Did you know that more than 70 percent of customers prefer to use web self-service as a starting point? Consumers have high expectations for self-service experiences, presenting an enormous opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves (and realize bottom-line savings) through outstanding self-service.
Jan 09, 2016

3 Common Pitfalls When Implementing a KMS

Implementing a KMS solution is an important part of any customer experience strategy and it doesn't have to be a daunting task. However, here are some common pitfalls that you absolutely want to avoid.
Dec 28, 2015

How You (Yes, You) Can Win at Knowledge Management

Take a moment to think about where the knowledge surrounding your products and services is stored in your organization. Is it on the product labels, intranet pages, product briefs and training manuals? How easily accessible is this information when your consumers need it? Providing the right information to the person who needs it, exactly when they need it, is efficient knowledge management.
Dec 24, 2015

Leverage Voice of the Customer Insights as a Strategic Business Asset

In order to maximize your voice of the customer data you need to marry this information with other structured and un-structured data. This combined view gives new views into customer sentiments and behaviors. Many organizations struggle to analyze this information successfully because of the ineffective, manual processes required to do so. Automating the process allows you to find and act on the needle in the unstructured data haystack.
Dec 15, 2015

What Marketers Should Know About Knowledge Management: Part 5

The customer experience is not a “customer service problem” or a “contact center problem.” Negative experiences can quickly become a major company problem—particularly with the proliferation of social media and feedback sites. On the flip side, brand advocates created through great experiences with your company are crucial to long term success and competitive advantage. No amount of marketing or PR we do can compete with the power of widespread brand advocacy.
Dec 13, 2015

What Marketers Should Know About Knowledge Management: Part 4

If you don’t want your customers to abandon you, don’t abandon your customer before their needs are fulfilled! Your visitor or caller may have multiple related questions—not just one. While some search- and FAQ-based knowledge management and Web self-service solutions answer the first question fairly well, that’s where it ends.
Dec 12, 2015

What Marketers Should Know About Knowledge Management: Part 2

Over 70% of customers prefer to self-serve to find answers on your site. Chances are, if you don’t give them that option, they will find another brand who will. However, it would be a mistake to believe that just because they start with self-service, they will end there. The key to providing a loyalty building digital customer experience is providing the right answer via the right channel at the exact moment that the customer wants it.
Dec 12, 2015

What Marketers Should Know About Knowledge Management: Part 3

It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience – “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner. With realities like that, brands can’t afford to drop the ball even one customer experience. One of the clear expectations today is a unified experience across channels. With so many engagement options, it can be daunting to think about ensuring that customers will feel they are having a single conversation with your company.
Dec 08, 2015

What Marketers Should Know About Knowledge Management: Part 1

Let’s face it—as marketing and customer-focused professionals, the topic of Knowledge Management (KM) probably isn’t the first thing we think about each day, what gets us fired up during brainstorming sessions, or what keeps us up at night.
Dec 04, 2015

Creating Self-Service Content Users Really Want

Brands that can deliver a great consumer experience are able to do so because they develop content around the user’s needs, not on what happens to be available. Organizations have a tendency to build out content for web self-service based on what they already have available on their website or information they have from incoming contacts to the call center. Don’t guess at what content needs to be available. Build relevant content that users are asking for.
Nov 25, 2015

Self Service: The Channel You Cannot Ignore

Self Service is being used for more than just answering those commonly asked questions after a sale. Self Service at every point of the purchasing journey allows consumers to get their questions answered while navigating your website.
Jun 02, 2015

Keeping a Personalized Customer Experience Top of Mind

For organizations that need to meet consumer expectations for great service but don’t know where to begin in mapping content to the customer journey, there are a variety of knowledgebase management tools that can help with this foundational part of creating the customer experience.
May 27, 2015

Is Your CRM Getting in the Way of Great Customer Service?

In the age of the consumer, the pursuit of CRM technology that “does it all” can result in implementing a system that is overly cumbersome for agents.