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May 01, 2018

4 Customer Experience Metrics You Might Be Overlooking

As brands evolve to meet consumer needs in today's fast-paced marketplace, customer experience metrics have become critical to the success of any business initiative. Leaders want to see results from these investments, and the best way to prove that value is through careful and insightful analysis of the collected customer experience data.
Mar 21, 2018

CRM Quality Assurance: 4 Steps to Cleaner Data Using Artificial Intelligence

Traditional QA processes only check 1-5% of customer case data. The time it takes to manually check all of your CRM data for accuracy requires tons of resources, including a team of highly-trained QA agents. But there's a better way to ensure that 100% of your cases are accurately coded. Here is a 4 step process for cleaning up your data using automation.
Feb 26, 2018

Recall Management Best Practices: 4 Steps to Minimizing Damage

According to Statista, there were over 600 consumer product recalls between 2015-2016 alone. The damages related to a product recall can be devastating. From identifying early warning signs to monitoring customer reactions, here are 4 best practices for managing a recall.
Jan 05, 2018

Understanding the 3 Voices of Customer Data

Many companies are struggling to understand and meet customer expectations. This is one of the most compelling reasons why companies are taking advantage of voice of customer data (VOC). Before you can get a realistic view of your customer experience, you need to educate yourself on the three different customer voices.
Oct 27, 2017

Big Data on Display: 3 Tips for Retail Brands

We combed through articles, studies, whitepapers, infographics, and more to identify the retail industry trends and best practices you need to be aware of, and we discovered that it all comes down to data. Every leading company is collecting as much information as they can get their hands on to meet customer demand for connected, personalized, omni-channel experiences.
Oct 11, 2017

4 Crackerjack Ways to Get Ahead in the CPG Industry

The CPG industry has always worked with tight margins (not to mention strict regulations!), and a still-not-recovered economy isn’t helping anything. While in some regards, the future looks rosier—Millennials are more brand loyal and less price focused than previous generations, for example—in most, it looks like the landscape isn’t changing any time soon. How can CPG companies stay competitive against the odds?
Sep 06, 2017

How to Improve Average Handle Time in 5 Simple Ways

How can you improve your agents' handle time and also provide a truly great customer service experience? Provide them with the tools, training, and resources they need to succeed. Here are five steps to improving AHT, while still providing quality service.
Aug 27, 2017

Hidden Data: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Most brands use social media monitoring tools to track what their audience is saying about them in the event some type of crisis situation occurs. But what about the insights and customer feedback that aren't crisis-level? This data can become hidden in silos and the insights lost. How can consumer relations teams overcome this and better serve internal departments in their company?
Aug 11, 2017

What You Need to Know about Measuring Customer Engagement

When marketers think about measuring customer engagement, they often think about email open rates, social media interactions, site traffic, and purchases. While all of these are indicators of how engaged your customer base is with your brand, marketers often overlook service metrics, failing to recognize their impact on engagement.
Jul 24, 2017

4 Practical Ways to Prevent a Regulatory Nightmare

CPG manufacturers are being asked to comply with constantly changing regulations. And failing to comply with requirements can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, delayed product launches, decreased customer satisfaction, and negative press. So what's a CPG to do?