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Aug 29, 2018

Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Customer Service Chatbot?

Customer service chatbots have become an effective option for reducing costs in the call center and streamlining processes, but there should be more to it than saving on per-contact costs. Analysts from Forrester have released a report uncovering two key areas where brands have made missteps in rolling out these programs.
Aug 15, 2018

Live Chat Best Practices for Better Customer Conversations

Live chat has become one of the most popular channels for contacting customer service. Learn key 5 ways to connect with your digital customers for improved support experiences.
Aug 01, 2018

6 Steps to Building a Better Knowledgebase Article Template

As customers continue to demand better self-service options, building and maintaining a robust, relevant knowledgebase has become more important than ever. Here are six key best practices for developing your knowledgebase article templates to ensure the right information gets to the right audience, right when they need it.
Jul 23, 2018

Millennial Pet Parents Demand Better Experiences as Industry Grows

The pet care market is currently exploding and Millennials have become the largest single segment of pet owners today. And as their presence grows, Millennial consumers are causing changes in the space, just as they have with other industries – demanding more transparency, responsiveness, and convenience than ever before.
Jul 19, 2018

When No News is Good News: The Impact of Negative Press on Your Brand

We're in the age of social media meltdowns and viral videos, two of the most visible and damaging crises a brand can experience, but there's another, more common threat that actually tends to compound other crises as they progress.
Jul 09, 2018

What Do the Best Chatbots Have in Common?

With conversational commerce and other AI tools making waves in the customer service and support sector, brands are turning to these technologies to improve customer interactions. Learn how the best chatbot features and functions translate into more personalized customer experiences.
Jun 28, 2018

Benchmarking Best Practices for Mobile Customer Experience

There's no denying it: mobile is a key component to just about every size and type of business today. If you're not including mobile as part of your ongoing omnichannel customer experience strategy, you're missing out on a major component – follow these three best practices to build and grow your mobile presence.
Jun 21, 2018

Second Half Update: How Are Your CX Priorities Holding Up?

Have you been keeping track of the areas you set out to improve above and beyond your bottom line? What if those areas have changed or your organizational needs have evolved? It never hurts re-assess your needs, goals, and progress thus far and strategically consider what steps to take next.
Jun 05, 2018

There's a Conversation Happening Around Your Brand – Are You Listening?

In today's era of the always-on customer, it's critical for brands to have a clear, actionable understanding of their voice of customer (VOC) to continue to deliver on ever-evolving expectations. Learn why social data matters in uncovering more robust VOC insights.
May 15, 2018

7 Do's and Don'ts for Clearer Voice of Customer Insights

You know you need a VOC program, and you might already have one planned or in place, but how can you make sure you're getting the most accurate insights for effective follow-up? Take a look at these seven do's and don'ts to see how you can hear your customers more clearly and respond accordingly.