Buffalo Wild Wings gains greater insights and a more complete communication stream for its corporate and field leaders

The Challenge

Outgrowing an in-house contact center

Since opening its first location in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings has been known for creating a welcoming social atmosphere. With 1,200 locations around the world, the growing owner, operator, and franchiser had outgrown its in-house customer contact system and needed to find a new CRM solution to help team members continue to serve up memorable experiences for guests. They began looking for a partner with proven experience in the restaurant sector who could deliver an easily configurable solution that would allow them to capture, resolve, and maintain accurate customer feedback data and help the Guest Relations team stay connected to the field leaders at every location.

The Solution

A CRM with a complete, automated view and customized data import functionality

In 2015, Buffalo Wild Wings selected Astute’s ePowerCenter™ cloud-based SPOC solution for their case management system. The system gives the restaurant an integrated, real-time management tool with the ability to track issues and route consumer feedback to the appropriate team or location. ePowerCenter also enables clear downstream communication from corporate staff to field leaders, which helps maintain customer satisfaction and enables faster resolution of any related issues, with a vigilant focus on food safety. All Buffalo Wild Wings locations now capture a complete customer view, with full history, allowing teams to monitor customer experience for continual quality improvements at each location.

As a rule, the brand does not accept reservations at its restaurants. However, in 2016, Buffalo Wild Wings and Astute partnered together to develop a unique self-serve reservation tool within the CRM for the peak of Fantasy Football draft party season. The highly configurable ePowerCenter software makes it easy to add new functions and lets the guest relations team better track customers and improve service by being responsive to their needs.

“We were outgrowing our home-grown customer contact system, so we looked to a company with restaurant expertise. ePowerCenter not only helps our team route customer contacts for resolution, it also allows us to maintain an up-to-date user base of our field leaders automatically, which extends our staff communication efforts. Astute helps us stay close to our customers. They’re a good partner.”
– Priscila Fuentes, Guest Relations Coordinator

The Results

A faster, more thorough communication stream between corporate and field leaders

Easily accessible reporting tools provide franchisee and corporate leaders with invaluable guest data. ePowerCenter’s highly configurable software allows for a faster, more complete communication stream between corporate and field leaders Data import functionality allows the guest relations team to communicate through ePowerCenter to the field leaders managing just one location, as well as those with multiple locations. Field leaders can now access information corresponding to a specific location or view an entire region.

Communication, and the sharing of guest feedback, is critical to Buffalo Wild Wing’s field leaders, and the guest relations team is committed to providing them the tools to be successful. The CRM helps the guest relations team capture case information more efficiently, with an improved escalation capability. “With ePowerCenter, we can quickly determine customer satisfaction at a variety of touch points, from online orders, to phone orders and our guests’ experience, in addition to measuring the success of promotional events,” said Priscila Fuentes, Guest Relations Coordinator. The restaurant also eliminated the risk of redundant/repeater guest compensation after issues, with the CRM audit trail providing a complete view of guest interactions.

“ePowerCenter allows our two-member guest relations team to facilitate customer resolution much faster, while focusing our company’s resources at the restaurant level where our customers are—and that’s the way it should be.”
– Priscila Fuentes, Guest Relations Coordinator

About Buffalo Wild Wings

Founded in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings operates 1,200 locations around the world with a menu that specializes in 21 mouth-watering signature sauces. Thanks to a welcoming neighborhood atmosphere and an extensive multimedia system for great sports-watching, the restaurants earn multiple “Best Wings” and “Best Sports Bar” awards every year.

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