Data Security

Your Security Matters.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider, Astute Solutions takes security very seriously. We analyze all aspects of our security on a regular basis, starting with physical security all the way through systems security. Some of the details regarding the various aspects of our security strategy are outlined below.

Physical Security:

The Astute Solutions datacenter is hosted at a secure, non-descript datacenter in Columbus, Ohio, entirely separate from the Astute corporate offices. The facility has been SAS70 certified and includes 24 hour surveillance, man-trap entrances, biometrics and keyed locks on all server racks. These are just a few of the security measures that are in place. There are very strict security access and maintenance policies in place and the facility treats security as a top priority. As Astute grows and more centers are added, we will ensure that all datacenters comply to these standards and will not even be considered if they do not meet our strict guidelines.

Network and Systems Security:

In a constantly evolving cyber world, there are new threats and worries that arise every day. At Astute Solutions, we constantly review our systems for any possible holes or security threats. We have top-notch equipment in place to prevent a cyber attack and security policies in place to prevent intrusions. On a yearly basis we conduct a third party penetration test along with several self conducted penetration tests throughout the year. We also underwent a third party security audit and continue to strive to make security continually stronger.
Risk Rating: Level 1
Level 1: Low Risk
Little to no vulnerabilities or threats and properly implemented counter measures - May 2011 Secure State penetration test results

Application Security:

Each application Astute Solutions offers has its own level of security based on the type of data that is stored within it. In particular, the ePowerCenter application, that stores personal information about your customers, has many configurable security options available. Strong passwords, password expiration and account lockout are available and recommended.

Data Privacy:

Astute Solutions will keep all personal data under strict security and privacy controls to ensure the safety of your data. Click here to review the Astute Solutions' Privacy Statement for additional details.