Join Forrester’s Kate Leggett to learn how to move from simply satisfying your customers’ growing list of needs to delivering great service. Register for the webinar: Tuesday, February 28 at 2:00 PM ET.



Drive Engagement and Revenue By Delivering Great Customer Service

While many companies today have goals to deliver great customer service, the majority are simply struggling to satisfy their customer’s growing list of needs. Customer communication requirements have changed: customers now expect omnichannel engagement – over voice, over digital channels and over video. Customers expect service experiences that are intelligent, personal, and contextual to who they are and the situation at hand. Customers expect the company to anticipate their needs, and look out for their best interests. Simple enough? Well not really. 

kate leggett from forresterJoin guest Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Kate Leggett – a thought leader in the customer service industry – and Astute CTO Alex George for this special 60-minute session, as they discuss: 

  • The lasting relationship and revenue impact of good customer service 
  • How to best leverage voice, digital and human communication 
  • How to make customer service more intelligent, more personal and more proactive 
  • How to prioritize your companies’ current customer service challenges 
  • Best practices to identify and counter your top customer frustrations 
  • Emerging technologies that automate better customer communications to increase customer satisfaction