Key Challenges Facing the Airline Industry

Addressing key challenges can help airlines like yours deliver better traveler experiences, increased customer loyalty, and more revenue.

There are many challenges facing those of you in the airline industry today: rampant price-shopping, revenue compression, and increased expectations from travelers, to name a few.

One of the biggest concerns is low site conversion -- with so many options for flight deals available, it's become more challenging to keep and convert site visitors. In fact, the average conversion rate for travel websites is only 4%.

Why do site visitors leave? What many airlines fail to consider is that, when your site visitors have questions they can't get answered in the moment, they are left unable or unwilling to commit to a purchase. In fact, 55% of online consumers say they will abandon their carts if they can't find answers to their questions.

How to increase conversion and revenue

A better understanding of site visitors -- and their potential value -- can help you capture more online conversions and increase revenue. Studies verify that an increase in personalization leads to more revenue. By tracking visitor behavior, miles membership status, cart contents, and purchase history, you can zero in the highest-value customers on your site and offer to connect them with an agent in real-time. Plus, agents are provided with full context on each customer they interact with, enabling them to provide a more tailored experience and increase lifetime loyalty.

Fifty-five percent of online consumers say they will abandon their carts if they can't find answers to their questions.

Of course, your airline can't afford to devote all its attention to only the top-value customers. The online experience can be improved for all visitors with the simple addition of smart self-service. The majority of consumers prefer to find their own answers, and making answers easier to find will reduce the number of potential customers who abandon their carts out of frustration.

In addition, today's consumers prefer to use text or Facebook Messenger to communicate -- even with brands. In fact, messaging apps account for 91% of time spent by users on mobile and desktop. By offering travelers the ability to search and book flights, as well as get flight notifications and access to customer service, through the messaging apps they already use (instead of asking them to download yet another app), you can improve conversion, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

In a worldwide industry that generates revenues of $760 billion annually, even a small improvement in site conversion would deliver significant incremental revenue.

The technology solutions that make it happen

Astute SOS allows you to pinpoint the highest-value visitors on your sites and proactively engage them, offering personalized assistance and increasing conversion. For example, the loyalty customer booking an overseas vacation for a family of six might merit a proactive touch, whereas the business traveler booking a single regional flight may not. Imagine what providing white-glove service to visitors with high purchase potential would do for conversion rates and average revenue per sale. 

Astute Knowledge powers self-service experiences that feel like interacting with an intelligent human, instead of an FAQ. Visitors to your website or app can chat with a virtual agent who engages them in a two-way dialog to find them the most accurate, relevant, and personalized answer to their questions. What's more, Astute Knowledge is able to pull from existing, approved sources to find answers, instead of requiring you to author every response. Smarter self-service also extends to chatbots within messaging apps like WeChat and Facebook Messenger, enabling you to provide service and support via the world's most popular messaging platforms.

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