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Is Your Self-Service Smart Enough?

At this point, offering customer self-service on your website or mobile app is simply expected by consumers. But you could be missing an important component. Watch the short video below to learn what your self-service experiences might currently be lacking.

Meet Kim. She's a fictional employee of a fictional firm who's been asked to lead a project adding self-service to her company's website. Kim is smart -- like most digital marketers, she knows that 9 out of 10 customers try to find answers online before they call for help. Self-service seems like a no-brainer.

But there's something Kim hasn't thought of yet: the impact of making that self-service experience intelligent and personalized. After all, more than half of consumers say they're more likely to buy from companies that personalize.

As consumers, we share a lot of data with brands -- personal information, purchase history, preferences, and so on. Because of this, consumers rightfully expect companies to leverage that data to personalize experiences. In fact, personalization has been shown to increase online sales and website performance by 19% over a 12-month period.

Like 97% of marketers, Kim's team has long recognized how important personalization is to their future initiatives -- isn't it time they stopped talking about it, and did something about it?

What if Kim could identify the most valuable customers on her website, and reach out to them proactively with personalized help? For example, they could target high-value visitors using a variety of factors -- maybe the loyal customer with several items in her cart who has been idle for more than a minute merits a proactive outreach... but perhaps the frequent visitor who doesn't usually buy much would not.

They could even take things a step further, allowing the highest priority customers to easily transition to talking with a live agent, who could answer their specific questions and "close the deal." Luckily for Kim, Astute Solutions can help her do just that. Our smart self-service allows your brand to zero in on customers with the highest revenue potential, and automatically engage them in-the-moment with a personalized approach. If needed, these customers can be seamlessly escalated to voice or video calls with your service agents, who can deliver a personalized experience using rich context on the customer's profile, behavior, purchase history, and more.

Your brand could take personalization even further to achieve individualization, wherein customers receive highly tailored communications that feel unique to them and them alone, and are consistent regardless of channel. As a result, you'd see improvements in metrics such as online sales, site performance, and marketing ROI. Personalization and individualization also provide more targeted and efficient customer engagement, more revenue, and better customer loyalty. Kim's ready to make her self-service smarter and more personalized with Astute -- are you?

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