Knowledge Management That’s More Than Smart

screenshot of astute knowledge in app

Watch this one-minute video to find out how you can give customers and service staff intelligent and accurate answers without needing to author a knowledgebase from scratch.

Isn’t it about time a knowledge management system acted more like a concierge than the yellow pages? Astute Knowledge delivers intelligent, accurate, personalized answers to each customer — without the need for you to author every response.

Our smart technology leverages patented natural language processing and artificial intelligence to converse with customers, understanding their questions, finding answers from existing internal and external sources, and interpreting them into plain language responses. Customers receive personalized, device-optimized answers that keep them coming back.

Every time a customer asks a question, the advanced learner tool alerts you to opportunities for improvement, enhancing the knowledgebase over time. And your customers won’t be the only ones benefiting: your store associates and contact center agents can access their own tailored views of the same information.

More about Astute Knowledge:

When asked a question, Astute’s self-service uses all the information available to it—customer context, business systems, trusted external sources, knowledgebase content, and device details—to provide “the one right answer,” one that’s accurate, personalized, device-optimized, and in the customer’s native language.

The self-service application can be implemented on a company’s website, embedded within their mobile app, or accessed through third-party messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger. Our customers tell us one of their favorite aspects of Astute Knowledge is the actual authoring of the knowledgebase—or, more specifically, the fact that they don’t have to build a new knowledgebase from scratch. Our KMS is able to pull answers from existing sources such as internal databases and business systems, FAQ pages, and even external sources (as long as they have been approved by the company). For example, pretend you are a retailer. Would you want to write a knowledgebase article for every single question about every single brand you carry? Probably not. When a customer asks a question about a product you sell, Astute Knowledge would allow you to pull the answer directly from that brand’s website, resulting in less work for your staff and more up-to-date answers.

Astute Knowledge was built with the 80/20 rule in mind: that is, 80% of customer questions will be about the same 20% of subjects. To get their knowledgebases up and running more quickly, we advise brands to start by answering only the most common questions (the 20%). Then, our Learner Tool tracks trends in incoming queries to identify gaps and alert the team when a new article needs to be authored. In addition, customers love the non-technical nature of the authoring tool itself, because it means they don’t have to call IT every time a new answer needs to be written.

Astute Knowledge can be used by customers for self-service, and by agents looking for answers in the CRM case management interface. Other company employees also benefit from using Knowledge, such as store associates, franchisees, dealerships, and so on. The same knowledgebase is at the source, no matter who is using it. This means easier maintenance and better accuracy because information only has to be updated in one place. However, the software allows knowledgebase answers to be tailored to the user based on their role; for instance, an agent using the system may see more detailed or more technical information than a customer would.

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