Are you overwhelmed by customer emails?
Meet EVA.

EVA, our Email Virtual Assistant, saves your agents valuable time by automatically crafting email responses.

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See How EVA Works

If your customer service agents are overwhelmed by emails, EVA can shave the time it takes you to respond to emails by up to FIVE TIMES.

Instead of manually answering all customer emails, let EVA automatically draft emails for you. Here’s how she does it:

  • EVA reviews an incoming email
  • EVA uses AI to identify the issues described and match them to the product codes and reason codes in your Astute Agent CRM
  • EVA drafts an email response, including suggested goodwill compensation
  • Your agent spends less than 1 minute reviewing the email for accuracy, then hits send

EVA is the solution you need to support your agents, get answers to customers faster, and save your company money.


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