Challenges Facing Today's Digital Marketing VP

When you're a digital marketing VP, each day is a balancing act. But the insights you need can come from unlikely sources.

Digital marketing VPs like you are balancing many goals -- revenue generation, budget management, and reputation risk mitigation, to name a few. As you develop and execute your digital advertising, promotion, and influencer strategies, you're constantly in a tug-of-war between the analytical and the creative. It's not always easy to translate your brand's value proposition into a compelling message, but that's the day-to-day struggle for digital marketing leaders.

Driving action with customer insight

You never know where the idea for the next big campaign or promotion is going to come from. Luckily, digital marketers now have powerful tools for staying in touch with the true thoughts and feelings of the market -- social listening and VOC (voice of the customer). By combining social listening insights (such as trends and sentiment about products, topics, and competitors) with customer experience data and broader industry trends, you can better manage the creative direction of your revenue-generating campaigns. 

The same intel can be used to inform product development. When marketers are able to provide consistently valuable, real-time market insight to product owners, everyone wins: product teams are more informed, marketing teams are more tuned into what resonates with your audience, and ultimately the customer gets a better product.

Protecting the brand

Digital marketers recognize that -- for better or worse -- anybody with an internet connection or smartphone can take control of the brand. In the Age of the Customer, marketers are coming to grips with the reality that nothing is more powerful than the customer perspective. Again, social listening and VOC data are undeniably useful for the purpose of protecting the brand because they allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of the customer and closely monitor potential threats.

In the Age of the Customer, marketers are coming to grips with the reality that nothing is more powerful than the customer perspective.

Traditionally, much of marketing's involvement in this area has been reactive -- for example, helping to perform damage control when a customer issue or negative influencer comment goes viral. As customers' voices have grown louder, it has become imperative for digital marketing leaders to take a more proactive position, collaborating with other departments when it comes to the customer experience (CX). Even though digital marketing doesn't typically own customer service channels, leaders must have a voice, a point of view, and an understanding of how your initiatives play into CX. You need to recognize your role in solving for digital experiences and removing barriers to product adoption.

Proving digital's value

Digital marketing VPs are constantly analyzing campaign costs and sales results, refining strategies and adjusting spend, and reporting KPIs to the CMO and other leaders to prove the value of digital. For many organizations, this need to prove ROI stems from close competition against traditional media channels for budget dollars.

Another area where you as a digital marketing leader can demonstrate the value of your team (and increase your own career exposure) is in the delivery of intel to the CMO for him or her to share with other leaders. As such, digital marketing VPs serve themselves well to be in-the-know about trends and competitors from week to week.

Where Astute Solutions fits in

Digital marketing VPs rely on Astute Solutions to help them solve their day-to-day challenges. Here's what our software suite delivers for you as a digital marketer:

Brand risk management. Between robust social monitoring and deep learning within the CRM, Astute's software can identify potential customer issues and escalate them internally before they go viral.

Competitive intelligence and trend monitoring. Stay informed about what the market wants and what strategies your competitors are pursuing, so you'll always be ready with insights to present to your CMO. 

Social opportunity identification. Leverage social media conversations for creative inspiration and influencer engagement opportunities. Use social insights to build messages that are sure to resonate with what the audience wants in real time.

Social advertising management. For many organizations, social ads are still somewhat uncharted territory -- so deep insight into their performance, and the ability to optimize them on the fly, can make a world of difference.

Voice of the customer analytics. Having a unified customer engagement platform like Astute's means that voice of the customer data becomes more accurate and reliable. Enrich your VOC data by augmenting traditional VOC data with the software's analysis of unstructured customer data, such as social media posts. A richer, more accurate understanding of your best customers helps you identify strategies for finding more customers like them.

Optimized experiences in-app and online. When current and potential customers can easily find answers to their questions in critical moments of the journey, barriers to purchase fall away. Smart self-service on your site and in your app ensure users have an optimal experience.

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