Challenges Facing Today’s Web, Mobile, and E-Commerce Leaders

When you lead your brand's strategy for web, mobile, and e-commerce, each day is a balancing act. Your approach to digital marketing and sales must evolve to more deeply connect with overall customer experience strategy.

two men working at table leaders in web mobile and ecommerce

Digital strategy leaders like you are balancing many goals — conversion rates, usability, revenue generation, and budget management to name a few. As you develop and execute your mobile apps, websites, and e-commerce experiences, you’re constantly in a tug-of-war. It’s not always easy to translate your brand’s value proposition into compelling messages that will drive conversion, but that’s the day-to-day struggle.

Improving conversion rates

Low conversion rates and high shopping cart abandonment result in lost revenue. For consumer brands with a strong focus on e-commerce, even small percentage fluctuations in conversion rates can mean millions of dollars in the balance.

Many conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies focus on user experience and testing landing page elements. While these are worthy of optimizing, few CRO recommendations address the core reason many consumers abandon their purchases: they have questions they can’t get answered. According to Forrester data, more than half of users will abandon their online carts if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.

Giving users of your site, app, or messenger-based e-commerce experiences the ability to find answers and advice while they are shopping can overcome purchase roadblocks and increase conversion. Take this self-service approach further by offering proactive assistance via chat, voice or video, triggered by certain user behaviors, cart contents, or past history.


In addition to offering in-the-moment self-service, consider implementing conversational commerce with a chatbot that can ask the consumer questions to narrow down a set of products that would best suit them. All of these tactics contribute to lower abandon rates, higher conversion rates, and increased order value.

Engaging younger generations with seamless CX

Brands across many different verticals are struggling to meet the technically demanding expectations of Millennials and Gen Z. The former demographic has significant spending power, driving brands’ attempts to capture this market. They also have shown a propensity for intense brand loyalty, making the stakes even higher for brands to deliver the best experiences from the start.

Digital natives like Millennials and Gen Z prefer to find their own answers through self-service, get help through messaging, and have brand experiences that feel conversational and personalized. This puts pressure on companies to integrate across channels and deliver the necessary customer context to whomever is representing the brand, be it a contact center agent, a store employee, or a chatbot. Mobile app development teams in particular must be mindful of making self-service readily available, since failing to do so leads to user frustration and decreased usage, or even uninstalls, of your app.

Driving action with customer insight

You never know where the idea for the next big campaign or promotion is going to come from. Luckily, digital marketers now have powerful tools for staying in touch with the true thoughts and feelings of the market — social listening and VOC (voice of the customer). By combining social listening insights (such as trends and sentiment about products, topics, and competitors) with customer experience data and broader industry trends, you can better manage the experiences your digital properties seek to deliver.

Where Astute fits in

Digital teams rely on Astute to help them solve their day-to-day challenges. Here’s what our software suite delivers for you:

Optimized experiences in-app and online. When current and potential customers can easily find answers to their questions in critical moments of the journey, barriers to purchase fall away. Smart self-service on your site and in your app ensure users have an optimal experience.

Conversational commerce and service through messaging. 
Astute Bot can deliver the casual, conversational feel your younger customers expect within popular messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat. Guide customers through purchases with a conversational commerce bot, allow them to find answers to common questions, or enable them to complete any number of different transactions according to your business needs.

Competitive intelligence and trend monitoring. Use advanced social listening to stay informed about what the market wants and what strategies your competitors are pursuing, so you’ll always be ready with insights to present to your fellow leaders.