Brands are often faced with crisis situations – be they recalls, product issues, or social nightmares. Are you ready to react? Join the 15-minute Coffee Break Webinar Tuesday, August 22 at 1:00 PM ET.


Your success is priority number one.

We're here for you every step of the way.


    We start you off on the right foot.

    Our team of project managers, analysts, and configuration specialists build you a firm foundation. Subject matter experts draw on years of experience and deep knowledge of best practices to implement your new Astute software. It’s more than just setting up the software correctly – we optimize each implementation for your industry vertical and unique needs. We have fine-tuned our project management methodology over many years, delivering on our promise of getting it right the first time.


    We identify opportunities.

    Think of us as your Astute consultants, proactively looking for areas of opportunity and working to maximize what the software can do for you. We cover everything from training your team on how to better use the solutions, to helping with reporting and analytics, to planning and executing custom configurations. Our goal is to help you wring every last drop of value from your Astute products.


    We have the answers.

    No matter the question, no matter the time zone, we’ve got you. Our product support team members are situated all around the world, providing live support when and how you need it. From our customer portal to phone support to live chat, you can choose how you want to communicate. And we’re here to listen – since we work closely with the development team, we welcome your suggestions for enhancing our solutions.


    We provide coverage for wherever you are.

    In addition to our team members across the globe, Astute leverages an ever-expanding international network of partners to provide localized support anywhere in the world. Our partner network is ready to deliver services and support close to home – wherever home might be.

  • “They are 100 percent behind supporting you as a customer and making sure the software is successful for you.”

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