What makes Astute Spot better?
  • Wow consumers with smarter self-service

    Spot can be embedded into our award-winning chatbot, Astute Bot, to highlight where-to-buy across your entire website, in your mobile app, or on popular messaging platforms, adding more value to the consumer experience by answering questions beyond product location.

  • Help consumers find your brand

    Spot relies on data from actual nearby brick-and-mortar purchases, giving consumers the best chance of finding your product when and where they're shopping.

  • Empower agents, consumers, and data scientists alike

    Consumers use Spot to self-serve; contact center agents use it to serve consumers better. Plus, your organization gets valuable product insights. Use Spot's data to understand what products consumers aren't able to easily find, and where they are looking.

Get Spot in our award-winning chatbot for two months free when you sign up by July 31. Fill out the form above for more details.
The world's favorite brands rely on Astute Spot to help their consumers find their products.
*Two months free promotion includes Astute Spot's where-to-buy functionality along with five additional basic self-service use cases embedded in our chatbot, Astute Bot, up to a $5,000 total value. Connect with us using the form above for more details.