The Two Customer Experience Stats You Must Act On

To achieve customer loyalty, you must bridge the gap between the 97% and the 96%. Watch the video to learn more about what those two numbers mean for the customer experience.

There are countless customer service statistics, but for now let’s talk about just two: 97 and 96. So close to each other, and yet so far…

97 is the good news: 97% of customers that have great service experiences are highly likely to tell their friends and family about it. But 96 is the bad news: 96% of unhappy customers won’t even tell you they’re unhappy. (And 91% of those customers will leave and never come back.)

So what’s a brand to do? Well, two things: One, you need to recognize the high potential of every customer interaction. At every touch point, your brand has an opportunity to delight and satisfy your customers. In return, 97% of them will give you positive word of mouth — a more powerful marketing tool than anything else in your arsenal.

Two, you need to proactively engage that 96% — the customers that are unhappy but haven’t told you. Even though it can be painful to seek out complaints and negative feedback, these interactions have a huge upside. You can only fix problems you actually know about! Plus, remember the 97%? The customers that will tell everyone they know how awesome you are, as long as you make them happy? If you resolve what is frustrating the silently suffering 96%, you have the opportunity to make them part of the satisfied 97% who will advocate for you.

To capture the loyalty of today’s customers, marketing and service need to do more than work together well, because in the eyes of your customers, these two functions are one and the same. Departmental silos, point solutions and disconnected systems just won’t cut it any more. Service needs to be proactive and personalized throughout every part of each customer’s journey.

For brands to be successful, you need to bridge the gap between these two numbers. Smart CRM, social and KMS software from Astute Solutions empowers you to provide the proactive and engaging service you need to succeed.

Astute’s knowledgebase and digital self-service software uses a patented form of NLP to interpret questions and provide more accurate responses, acting more like a concierge than the yellow pages. When asked a question, Astute’s self-service uses all the information available to it—customer context, business systems, trusted external sources, knowledgebase content, and device details—to provide “the one right answer,” one that’s accurate, personalized, device-optimized, and in the customer’s native language.

Astute’s consumer engagement CRM offers an agent-centric interface that enables contact center teams to stay consumer-focused, not technology-distracted. The robust nature of Astute’s CRM makes it smart, powerful, and highly configurable. For example, the system gives brands the ability to change workflow and information capture needs for their agents on-the-spot, providing each customer with a consistent brand experience and showing the company a unified view of the customer’s transaction or need history. Customers can communicate in whatever fashion they prefer. Across all channels—including email, phone, text, social media, click-to-chat, and click-to-video—Astute provides one single agent interface.

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