Customer Training Webinars

  • Tour the Updated Customer Center

    On Demand | 27 MIN

    Learn about helpful features and recent updates to your one-stop shop for Astute service, the Customer Center.

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  • Astute Global Customer Q&A Session

    On Demand | 58 MIN

    June 2018 customer webinar to address questions about Astute's acquisition of Wilke Global.

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  • Real-Time Customer Engagement with the Astute Social Mobile App

    On Demand | 20 MIN

    Join us for a walk-through of the latest release of the Astute Social mobile app, featuring new functionality for real-time insights and engagement.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Agent Assist

    On Demand | 22 MIN

    Learn how to improve agent efficiency by wringing every drop of value out of Agent Assist.

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  • Actionable Data with ePowerCenter's Normalized Reporting

    On Demand | 26 MIN

    Learn how to derive accurate customer insights when you're comparing "apples to oranges."

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  • GDPR Compliance: Balancing Company and Service Provider Responsibilities

    On Demand | 42 MIN

    Are you ready for new regulations going into effect in 2018? Learn about the ins and outs of GDPR compliance.

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  • Starting 2018 with a Clean Slate: Data Hygiene in ePowerCenter

    On Demand | 51 MIN

    Learn best practices of address record hygiene and find out what the new EU regulations mean for companies both inside and outside of Europe.

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  • The 9UX Advantage: Greater Efficiency through Streamlined UI

    On Demand | 1 HR 2 MIN

    Learn how the newest iteration of ePowerCenter can bring greater efficiency and ROI to your brand.

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  • New Features of ePowerCenter 9UX

    On Demand | 50 MIN

    Learn all about the new productivity tools and interface enhancements in ePowerCenter 9UX.

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  • The New and Improved Astute Customer Center

    On Demand | 31 MIN

    Join us for a tour of Astute's Customer Center, your one-stop shop when it comes to support for your Astute products.

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  • Maximizing Efficiency with Agent Assist

    On Demand | 34 MIN

    See how Agent Assist can increase your agents' efficiency and accuracy. Complete the form below to register.

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  • Key Insights with Case Listing and Frequency Reports in ePowerCenter

    On Demand | 46 MIN

    Learn how to streamline analysis and make smart, data-driven decisions with ePowerCenter.

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  • Streamlining the Review Process with Task Management in Astute Knowledge

    On Demand | 32 MIN

    Subject matter experts should be involved in creating content for your knowledgebase. See how to facilitate their contributions with Astute Knowledge.

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  • Maximizing Social Responses Through ePowerCenter Integration

    On Demand | 40 MIN

    Learn how to manage your social care efforts more efficiently with ePowerCenter.

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  • Cut Through the Chaos with Astute Social Tags

    On Demand | 42 MIN

    Use tagging in Astute Social to get meaningful insights from unstructured data.

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  • Protecting Your Data: Compliance and Security at Astute Solutions

    On Demand | 27 MIN

    Learn about how we protect your data at Astute.

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