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What Is Your Mobile App Missing?

Consumers love their mobile devices, and brands have released countless mobile apps to drive a variety of goals -- but many of them hit the market without a key ingredient.

Watch this short video to see what that ingredient is, and 6 steps to fixing the issue.

Consumers love their mobile devices, and brands have released countless mobile apps to drive a variety of goals -- but many of them hit the market without a key ingredient. Astute Solutions can help your app deliver the experience your consumers expect.

Let's put this in context: Imagine...You are baking a pie from scratch. You've been hard at work in the kitchen, and finally, the pie is in the oven. As you wait for the pie to bake, you realize something important -- you forgot to add sugar! Missing this key ingredient will throw off the whole flavor.

In a similar way, brands are releasing mobile apps into the marketplace that are missing a key ingredient: effective customer support.
Today’s “always on” customers are never far from a mobile phone; in fact, 9 out of 10 people keep their phones within a 10-foot radius 100% of the time. To keep up, your mobile app must deliver the level of service and support your customers expect.

Here are six ways you can accomplish that: Make it easy for users to find in-app support when they need it. Add self-service functionality that allows customers to search for their own answers, in their own words. Not only do your customers prefer to search for help on their own, self-service has been shown to significantly reduce contact center volume -- which frees up agents for more valuable tasks. Mobile app users expect shorter, simpler interactions, so streamline the experience -- for example, save them time by displaying your top questions, and by showing them suggestions as they type. Leverage existing content from your knowledgebase, internal documents, business systems, and external sources. This approach makes it easier to get started and to maintain accuracy going forward. Keep the experience consistent with the service customers receive from other channels by using one knowledge management and CRM solution to support all customer engagement. If a customer needs help beyond what the app can provide, make escalating to a live agent a seamless transition. You can accomplish this by escalating without switching channels or devices, and by providing the agent with context on the customer and the interaction.

By providing better in-app support and self-service, you stand to increase app adoption and usage, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

Is your mobile app missing the key ingredient of customer self-service? Self-service technology from Astute Solutions can ensure you're delivering the experience your customers want.

Our knowledgebase and digital self-service solutions leverage natural language processing to create a two-way dialog that delivers personalized responses to consumers. Knowledge management is simplified with auto-generated topic content, guided authoring, and federated search capabilities. Astute also supports multiple languages, multiple communication channels, and comprehensive versioning and history.

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