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For nearly 20 years, Astute Solutions has set the standard for innovative, leading-edge technologies that make your customers happy. We enable positive, trust-building contact center interactions and social and Web experiences that satisfy your customers, and provide efficiencies for you.

From our core CRM product, ePowerCenter™, to innovative knowledge management, social media, telephony and other technologies, we’re dedicated to enabling contact centers, marketing, and IT departments across the enterprise to provide best-in-class service to customers. And because our solutions are integrated, you can engage, serve and learn from these audiences like never before — regardless of how they choose to interact with you.

Find out more about our impressive suite of contact center and enhanced customer experience technologies!

A fast, efficient CRM that supports more customer channels than any other.
Astute SRM
A fully integrated suite that combines social media monitoring, analysis and engagement in one package.
Astute Knowledge
A suite of self-service products that delivers a single correct answer on any communication channel in any language.
A solution that reduces the complexity, cost and scaling limitations of traditional telephony.
ePowerCenter Mobile
A mobile CRM that takes customer service to the source.
Astute Insights
Search-enabled reporting and "voice of the customer" findings to deliver robust graphical reporting by department.
Astute Intuition
Process, analyze and understand customer survey inputs.
Astute for Facebook
Chat, email and virtual agent applications for Facebook.
Astute SOS
Keeps customers engaged by offering a plug-in-free “click to call” connection in the browser - serve them when they need help; convert shoppers to buyers.