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Astute Insights

Transform all your customer data into meaningful dashboards and reports.

Why Astute Insights

Your customers want to tell you how to make them happy. All you need are the tools to listen. Astute Insights transforms all your customer data from multiple sources to help you build better relationships. And it automates the current monthly manual developments and delivery of your departmental and executive reporting.

Types of Internal Data You Collect

  • Surveys
  • Emails
  • CRM Data
  • Voice Data
  • Self-Service Data
  • Online Feedback
  • Chat
  • Web Analytics

Types of External Data You Collect

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Other Social Media Platforms
  • Blogs
  • Product Reviews
  • Sales Data
  • Manufacturing Data
  • Distribution Data

Insights Transforms The Data So You Can

  • Process, categorize, and score verbatims
  • Identify and build relationships between the data
  • Identify themes and early indicators
  • Monitor data changes
  • Send alerts when thresholds are met
  • Cluster verbatims for early indicators

Which Enables You To Generate

  • Actionable data available daily
  • Search Enabled Reports
  • Product and Brand Comparison Reports
  • Geographical Reports
  • Dynamic Normalized Data Reports
  • Voice of the Customer Reports

Additional Benefits

  • Use simple search to find product and sales information
  • Track real-time product/brand health
  • Eliminate monthly Excel reports
  • Have data alerts delivered to your email inbox

Clear the Clutter

You have customer data exploding in volume. Astute Insights automatically finds relationships within all this data to provide all types of analysis and reporting (see above).

Save Time

Astute Insights is designed to eliminate the manual manipulation of raw data spreadsheets – now you can automate what used to take hours to create! To learn more, click here to request a demo.


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