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Consumer Insights and Survey Analytics Tool: Astute Survey Analytics

Let Your Customers Respond in Their Own Words with Text Analysis

Surveys provide a valuable insight into improving customer experiences and maximizing client interactions. Unfortunately, surveys also present their own unique set of challenges – prepopulated fields limit responses and open-ended questions require hours of analysis.

Using Astute Survey Analytics, your surveys no longer have to be limited. Through Natural Language Processing technology, as well as keyword searches, Astute Survey Analytics is able to process, analyze and understand both closed and open ended questions – meaning you gain true insight into what your customers are saying.

Advantages of Astute Survey Analytics include:

  • Free form text is analyzed, categorized and processed
  • New opportunities are identified through true voice-of-the-customer insight
  • Comments can be categorized in regards to sentiment, product type, service areas and other categories
  • Advanced reporting ,such as visual geographic analysis, to easily identify problem areas
  • Automated text analysis save time, money and additional resources

Because a single customer experience can spark innovation

With the Astute Survey Analytics solution, the insights gained from a single customer, employee or partner can benefit the entire organization. You’ll become empowered to take fast, clear and specific actions to run your business better, gain competitive advantages, and drive growth. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Create Advanced Reports and Visualizations: Specific reports to each of the business users. This offers the ability to visualize the data based on geography, topic, possible threats and overall trends
  • Identify Threat Warning: Astute Survey Analytics provides early warnings based on the configuration of the system
  • Generate Data Exports: Astute Survey Analytics will provide for the export of contact center data across multiple channels