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Customer Experience Management Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Manage the customer experience while gaining consumer insights with Astute Solutions

The Pharmaceutical landscape is changing the way your customers want to interact. What once resulted in happy customers – chatting on the golf course, talks over lunch, and in-person presentations – has been replaced by more efficient and convenient means of communication - Online chat sessions, web page searches, micro sites, texts, emails, blogs and tweets. While these may be convenient points of contact for the customer, ensuring consistent, timely, and quality communications across each of these avenues can become overwhelming.

Astute Solutions multi-channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer interaction solutions are designed to help you deliver the best customer experience, regardless of how your customers choose to communicate. We understand that, in the Pharmaceutical industry, a happy customer is your biggest advocate. And our goal is to offer CRM solutions that will turn these happy customers into raving fans:

  • Deliver superior cross-channel service that builds trust and opens doors to opportunities
  • Boost marketing and sales efforts by delivering the right content at the right time
  • Ensure you are delivering the most current information and critical messages across all channels
  • Support sales and brand education efforts through highly targeted and personalized campaigns

Download our Pharmaceuticals industry guide to learn how we can enable your organization to accomplish these goals.

Superior customer experience solutions: because happy customers are your biggest advocates

  • As a pharmaceutical company, you’re contending with vast amounts of information spread across the enterprise relating to products, brands, practices, research, compliance, and drug usage. Our multi-channel CRM Solutions ensure that all customer-facing channels:
  • Deliver the right content at the right time: Improve your online and offline conversion rates by uncovering visitor needs, delivering well-crafted responses, and creating value around your brands, drugs and products. Through our self-service solution, visitors find the specific products and details they need very quickly, regardless of where they enter your site, or how deep the content resides.
  • Support sales and brand education efforts:  Our customer service and support application, ePowerCenter, offers a mass mailing feature for creating targeted mailing lists. You can send printed letters, newsletters, articles, research studies, surveys, email, or enclosures to specific physicians, nurses, practitioners and consumers contained in the contact database.
  • Engage your customer base through social media: Our social media management solutions helps you identify relevant communications, understand the impact on your organization, engage and serve your audience proactively, and incorporate their insights into decision making across the enterprise.