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Multichannel Customer Relationship Management Solutions for Retailers

Offer proactive customer care at the point-of-sale with social media management and virtual agent solutions from Astute Solutions.

In the retail industry, individual service experiences directly impact your business. In numbers, they make or break it. One bad experience—in a store, through your contact center, on your website or through social media—can permanently damage a customer relationship.

Our Customer Relationship Management solutions for the retail industry are designed to help build and strengthen each of these customer interactions. With our multi-channel CRM solutions on their side, your contact center employees and customer service representatives have the resources needed to quickly and efficiently satisfy your customers' direct needs.

Major retailers like Bath and Body Works, Kroger, The Children’s Place, and Midas are using our multi-channel customer service solutions to:

  • Reduce costs AND improve customer loyalty
  • Maintain quality and responsiveness standards across multiple channels
  • Transform the contact center and self-service into cross-selling and upselling channels
  • Communicate critical updates to stores and customers in real time
  • Capture customer feedback across multiple channels and locations

Let our Multi-channel CRM Solutions help build and strengthen your customer relationships. View our Retail Industry Solutions Guide for more information.

Our Multi-Channel CRM Solutions for Retailers include:

  • Customer Service and Support: Through a single, easy-to-use interface, our CRM solutions provide your contact center agents immediate access to relevant data, such as customer contact details and case history—before the interaction even begins.
  • Knowledge Management: Our RealDialog knowledge management solution provides your contact center representatives, employees and consumers with fast access to accurate information about your products, policies and brands.
  • Self Service: Our RealDialog Self-Service solution enables customers to receive a personalized service experience on the Web, 24X7, with an unmatched level of quality. It provides customers instant access to accurate information and answers for inquiries of all levels, improving issue resolution while deflecting calls (and costs) from your contact center.
  • Agent Assist: Within the ePowerCenter interface, your agents can easily access helpful, contextual information such as scripted answers, graphic images, and full multi-media files. They can tap into other internal and external applications and databases—such as order, shipping, returns, and loyalty systems—in real time.
  • Reporting, Analysis and Management: By providing multiple reporting options for voice-of-the-customer data, our customer relationship management solutions provide an exceptionally valuable source of information to supplement your formal market research efforts…at a far lower cost than market surveys.