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Customer Experience and Social Relationship Management Solutions for Marketing

Gain social intelligence and harness the influence of social media with Astute Solutions

Happy customers are your biggest marketing weapon. One positive - or negative - experience can spark a storm of word-of-mouth campaigns, led by blog posts, review sites and Facebook likes.  

Astute Solutions' customer experience solutions are designed to put the “customer experience” at the heart of your marketing strategies, creating engaged audiences, and turning your customers into raving marketing advocates.  Leading to:

  • Reduced website abandonment 
  • Superior cross-channel service 
  • Targeted and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Insights into your customers' needs and expectations
  • Delivery of the most current marketing messaging across all customer service channels

Learn how to improve marketing effectiveness and differentiate your brand.  Download our guide to CRM marketing solutions

Transforming superior customer service into a strategic marketing weapon

Giving your customers the information they need, when and how they need it: This is the key to turning the average customer into a “Raving Fan.” Astute Solutions CRM solutions can help you fill in the knowledge gaps across all your service channels, with solutions that include:

  • Social Relationship Management
    With Astute SRM, you gain a direct line into the opinions, sentiment, and buzz around your brands and products. You can track the reach and performance of your campaigns and public relations activities. You’ll identify trends and view the conversations behind them. Your campaigns and messages continually improve with deep insight into what moves customers and prospects into action.
  • Self Service
    Our RealDialog Self-Service solution enables customers to receive a personalized service experience on the Web, 24X7, with an unmatched level of quality. It provides customers instant access to accurate information and answers for inquiries of all levels, improving issue resolution while deflecting calls (and costs) from your contact center.
  • Knowledge Management
    Our RealDialog knowledge management solution provides your contact center agents, employees and consumers with fast access to accurate information about your products, policies and brands.