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Social Media Management and Social Intelligence Tools for PR Agencies

Gain social intelligence while managing the social customer experience

Navigate the ever-expanding sea of social media data with confidence, helping your clients to build a true social business.

The world is overwhelmed with social information. And while the percentage of relevant social conversation is relatively small, the pure volume of social data creates two major issues. First and most importantly, you have to find the relevant conversations. Second, you have to get to this social data in a way that allows you to analyze it and provide counsel to your clients, in a relevant way, and in a timely way that is efficient for you.

Despite these issues, social media can enable:

  • Real-time intelligence to help clients manage products, brands and corporate reputations, assisting with brand positioning, brand perception, crisis prevention, intervention and competitive positioning
  • Ability to identify brand advocates and prevent/mitigate negative coverage
  • Ability to recognize subtle market signals in real time to respond to developing opportunities or threats
  • Reliable measurement of social media and online campaigns

Astute Solutions' social media management solution can enable your agency to extract these gold nuggets of social data through the ability to:

  • Listen: Monitoring millions of social media sites, our SRM tool lets you capture the most relevant information with the least effort
  • Measure: Measure engagement with your clients' marketing campaigns through the volume and velocity of relevant social media comments, the influencers involved, and the conversations that spawn from campaigns, along with sentiment, influence and success
  • Engage: You'll see who is singing your clients' praises and who is singing the blues. At the right time, you can respond to relevant tweets, posts, comments and discussions, either to an individual or to a specific group

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To learn more about Astute SRM, view the Astute SRM Brochure.

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