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Consumers want to talk to your brand like they talk to their friends, instead of being forced to change their behavior when they interact with you. Astute Solutions' software allows customers to communicate with you on their own terms, eliminating friction during every interaction.

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence

    Automation of repetitive tasks provides consistency and efficiency.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Interpretation of human requests to determine the best path to assistance.

  • Deep Learning

    Self-teaching technology for continuous improvement.

  • Omni-Channel Engagement

    Customers can communicate seamlessly when and where they want.

  • Agent Guidance

    In context, never scripted guidance for customer service agents.

  • Contextual Information

    Personalized service without forcing consumers to repeat themselves.

  • Unified Customer View

    Our CRM hub provides a single, complete source of customer truth.

  • Actionable Insights

    Track trends and consumer behavior with reports and real-time analytics.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence

When a computer program is able to do one particular task extremely well, it is known as artificial narrow intelligence (ANI). Astute Solutions uses ANI-powered technology to automate repetitive service tasks, such as looking up shipping information, return policies, product details...or any number of customer requests. ANI provides a consistent customer experience while making your service organization more efficient. For example, let's say a customer messages your company to ask when his order will be delivered. A bot can use information about his identity and purchase history to provide an accurate and tailored answer to his question, and in such a natural way that he would never know he's not talking to a human. By having bots handle the bulk of incoming customer requests, your human agents are freed up to engage customers in more meaningful conversations.

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Natural Language Processing

No matter the channel, your customers want to talk to you the same way they'd talk to any person: using natural, conversational language. They're sick of filling out forms, memorizing passwords, remembering their maternal grandmother's maiden name, and so on. They just want to ask questions in their own way, receive natural-sounding responses, and participate in a two-way dialog. Translating human speech into actionable software commands is called natural language processing (NLP), and Astute's patented approach delivers accurate interpretations regardless of slang, nuances, or other complexities of human speech -- in dozens of different languages and counting.

Imagine that one of your customers just ordered several pairs of jeans from your website, but realizes that she accidentally indicated the wrong size for one of them. She clicks the button to open a web chat and explains her mistake. Using NLP, a bot is able to understand her predicament, and asks her which size she would like instead. The bot then uses her response to adjust her order in the system, and lets her know the change has been made. Compare this to what most customers would experience in a similar situation: a lengthy online form and a long wait for an email response; or worse, having to call the company and navigate the rigid, un-personalized menus of an IVR system. Service powered by NLP allows you to communicate with customers on their terms, making for a more satisfying, friction-less experience.

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Deep Learning

Sometimes referred to as "machine learning," deep learning is when technology is able to draw on past experiences to inform present action. Essentially, software can teach itself to be better. For instance, a knowledgebase can monitor all the questions being asked and look for patterns, identifying missing or incomplete content and potentially discovering product issues. Let's say that one hundred people over the past week asked about the Bluetooth in their car. Deep learning allows the knowledgebase to pick up on the trend and alert you to it. At the very least, more content about the Bluetooth feature should be added to the knowledgebase. And given the high volume of questions, the matter probably warrants further investigation. Deep learning empowers brands to continuously improve their communication with customers, creating experiences that build loyalty over time.

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Omni-Channel Engagement

Customers want to interact with you when and where they prefer. Whether it's social media, email, web chat, or a phone call, customers want to be able to begin a conversation with your company in any channel -- and move seamlessly through multiple channels without ever having to repeat themselves. For example, suppose a customer asks a question using web chat or Facebook Messenger, and in the course of the ensuing conversation, the customer decides she would prefer to continue on the phone. With one click, she can escalate her question and immediately pick up where she left off with a live agent. True omni-channel service provides a consistent brand experience and improves customer satisfaction.

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Agent Guidance

Regardless of their tenure with your company, every agent can be empowered to provide customers with the right answers. Features in Astute's CRM like ESP and Agent Assist provide agents with information about customers, products, retail locations, and potential resolutions based on case data such as reason codes. For example, if a call center agent is working with a customer on a product return, she might see the nearest stores where he can return his item dynamically populate in the sidebar of her CRM interface. Guidance within the CRM interface has been proven to shorten agent training time and improve response accuracy.

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Contextual Information

In-context customer details provided to agents in the moment allows them to provide personalized service without asking customers to repeat their story over and over. For instance, a customer emails support with a question about her son's upcoming plane travel, and the responding agent can see all her previous interactions and related accounts. He can also see that she is an authorized user on her son's account, so he can bypass verification questions and get right to providing an answer. Relevant, contextual information makes it easier for your agents to care for customers in a more personalized way.

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Unified Customer View

When customer information is stored in a single CRM hub, you benefit from one source of customer truth. No matter how customers prefer to communicate with your brand, agents use one CRM interface to engage with them. One software suite helps you manage customer relationships, knowledge, and social media, ensuring a consistent customer experience and continuity throughout all touchpoints. A single source of customer data also allows you to glean reliable insights from your customer base.

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Actionable Insights

Make data-driven decisions using reports and real-time analytics about customer behavior. Social media management software shows you customer trends as they're happening and keeps you informed on what your competitors are doing. Knowledgebase reports spotlight gaps in your knowledge content, allowing you to better address customer questions and empower them to help themselves. Customer service analytics provide insights into agent performance and the voice of the customer -- what they are thinking, feeling, and asking. Such data can inform decisions about service strategy, marketing messaging, product improvements and new launches. For example, say you release a new product. Within a week, you see an uptick in negative sentiment on social media, a dramatic increase in related questions via self-service, and a surge of complaints to the customer service staff. On their own, each piece of data might not be enough to indicate an issue; but when combined, they paint a clear picture of how your new product is being received. Having a finger on the pulse of the market and of your customers helps you make smarter strategic decisions.

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