A Smarter Way to Serve

The day-to-day life of a contact center employee is not all sunshine and rainbows. They’re on the front lines with angry customers all day, every day. As if this wasn’t enough, 71% of them believe complicated systems and inefficient tools make their jobs even harder. For Larry, a (fictional) contact center employee, this struggle is real.

This is Larry. Larry works in a contact center for a major clothing brand. Larry loves solving problems for his customers, but — like 71% of call center agents — feels that system complications and inefficient tools make it harder for him to do his job, leading to frustrations for him and the customers he serves.

Let’s look at a typical customer interaction: Larry receives an incoming call from a customer named Jennie. Jennie just received the pair of pants she ordered to find one of the seams was ripped. First, Larry tries to find Jennie in the system, but spells her name with a Y instead of an IE. The system fails to recognize that this is the same person, so Larry ends up creating a duplicate record. Next, Larry tries to find the SKU for the pair of pants Jennie ordered. It takes him several minutes to comb through hundreds of SKUs to find the right one — meanwhile, an already angry Jennie gets even more fed up waiting on hold.

Her frustration — and Larry’s anxiety — only increases as Larry proceeds to ask her several irrelevant questions about her order, since his system requires that he complete the same fields regardless of the situation. In the end, Larry is able to help Jennie get a refund for the defective pants, but she is so exasperated by the end of their phone call that she will likely never do business with this clothing brand again.

And Larry? Well, he feels helpless, as if his company’s cumbersome CRM system is actively sabotaging his best intentions. He thinks to himself that there has to be a better way. If he got to design the system himself, the interaction with Jennie would have gone more like this…

Jennie calls Larry about the torn pants she received. As he begins typing her name with a Y, the system is smart enough to suggest, didn’t you mean Jennie with an IE? This prevents duplicate records from being created and gives a more comprehensive view of each customer.

Next, instead of putting Jennie on hold while he wades through hundreds of SKUs, Larry simply begins typing the name of the product and the system responds, quickly suggesting the right product code. And once he selects a reason for Jennie’s complaint, his case screen dynamically changes to show only the relevant fields he needs to complete, and hides the ones he doesn’t. The system captures the right information needed for each situation, and doesn’t waste the customer’s time with unnecessary questions.

With a system like this, it would be so much easier for Larry to make customers happy! Luckily for Larry, the CRM system of his dreams is real — Astute Solutions’ CRM reduces frustration and speeds up issue resolution with smarter data entry. Our technology streamlines customer interactions within any channel, and even provides in-context guidance for agents.

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