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John Doe Demands a Better Customer Experience

Have you ever been at the grocery store when you run into someone you vaguely recognize, but can’t quite remember their name or place where you know them from?  It’s embarrassing.  You mentally tap dance, hoping it will come to you.  Meanwhile, they have greeted you, and asked about your spouse and children by name.  You walk away feeling terrible, and chances are, so do they.

Consumers who have to start over every time they contact your company can have a similar experience. They want a relationship with your brand.  An ongoing one, with history.  They know about you.  They expect that you know about them. Treating everyone as John Doe is no longer acceptable. 

With the rise of the digital age, this can be even tougher.  Not only do they want you to know details about their interactions with you, they want to accomplish this in a channel agnostic, device agnostic way.  That’s right, they want to communicate with you over any channel they choose, whenever they choose, and they expect you not to skip a beat. With new access points being added all the time, how can you keep up?

The key to success is having one consumer engagement platform that can bring all of those channels together.  A hub of sorts where all available channels are managed.  This allows information to be kept in one place, and also provides a single interface for agents so they can focus on the conversation rather than managing multiple applications.  

Consumers win because they are able to talk to you how and when they want.  They aren’t being asked to repeat themselves to get your caught up.  For example, their engagement can start on web self-service, and then escalate to web, voice or video chat. Consumers receive an easily navigable, personalized experience that drives loyalty.

All the while, you are getting smarter about your consumer as valuable information is being captured and used to uncover consumer insights. 



Shellie Vornhagen
by Shellie Vornhagen

Shellie Vornhagen is the senior vice president of marketing and North American sales for Astute, a leading provider of smart consumer engagement solutions. A veteran in the software industry, she is passionate about using technology to improve people’s day-to-day lives.