Product Updates: October 2016

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  • Centralized Log Files: Capture and store client-side errors in centralized log files. With this new feature, anytime an error on the browser occurs, ePowerCenter will automatically capture the browser logs and store them in the ePowerCenter log files. This improves issue resolution time, as it enables research into situations that have occurred in the past, as well as monitoring for specific error conditions.
  • Notification Functionality: Administrators can now choose Issue- or Case-level Addresses when sending Notifications. The notification process can be streamlined to enable reaching all relevant addresses.
  • Preview of Enclosures: Previews are presented in a new browser tab. The documents or labels related to an enclosure code can be easily previewed. Agents can validate the contents of an Enclosure, without having to go through several manual steps to prep, print and preview the Letter and Enclosure.

Astute Social

Interaction Panel Updates

We have made the following updates to the interaction panel: 

  • Enabled users to view full resolution images. This allows easier access to images so community managers and agents can have more context into the conversation without leaving Astute Social.
  • Included author follower counts. Follower counts enable community managers to quickly identify potential influencers when reviewing interactions.
  • Modified the conversation panel. Changing the interactions view enables a larger, more visible area for the conversation data.  It also enables users who don’t use notes or tags to have more space for consumer engagement.
  • Provided more flexibility for text fields. The response text box now expands and scrolls allowing agents to have better visibility into what they are sending to consumers, especially when writing longer response or adding notes to an interaction.

Astute Social full resolution images

Astute Social updates to conversation panel

Improved Integrations with Facebook and Twitter

  • Facebook Messenger Links makes it fast and easy for brands to start a message thread with consumers. These links are now available in ePowerCenter. Messenger Links allow agents a quick way to get to the Messenger Inbox so they can gain context on the native platform from ePowerCenter.
  • Twitter Direct Messages allow brands to send consumers private notes through Twitter. Now the Twitter DM links get added to responses without agents having to copy and paste and without affecting their character count. This allows for longer responses while including the DM link, as well as reduces the risk of adding the incorrect link.
  • Author Signatures are often used on social media so the consumer knows if the same agent or a different agent is responding. Users can now automatically have a signature added. This gives the brand control of the signatures, ensuring they are added to the end of any response from the account, ultimately reducing risk.

Astute Social integrations with Facebook and Twitter

Astute Social author signatures for agents

Astute Knowledge

Tip for Adding Images and Video to Responses

Authors can now drag and drop images and video into the response template. With this new feature, we have secured the content so only the touchpoint and language that the image was dropped into will have access to that image. This secures data used for Agent Assist and ensures no one can simply browse to the image or content outside of the touchpoint or language. (This means it’s not possible right-click to see the URL and browse to it.)

To ensure the security measures are set up correctly for the response, remember to drag and drop images or video into the response (instead of copying them from an existing response).  

Astute Knowledge adding images to responses

Improved Integration with Third Party CRMs

Valuable customer and agent information can be captured, passed on, and stored within the CRM.  This can include agent name, date and time information, and a full transcript from the Knowledge session.