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Using the Digital Service Matrix to Plan Your CX Initiatives

With more of their interactions with companies taking place on the internet and mobile devices than ever before, consumers have fully realized the value of digital engagement. But enterprises often struggle to stay responsive to what consumers demand. There is tremendous value in enhancing digital CX, as every online engagement provides an opportunity to build loyalty, collect data, and drive revenue.

The biggest challenge is balancing what your company wants to get out of digital interactions with what your customers want: 24/7 instant support and resolutions. The most innovative companies strike a balance between their needs and customer expectations, using their experience to stand out against the competition.

Consumers expect responses from companies on live chat and text messaging in under a minute, and on social media channels and email within an hour.

In our recently published digital service maturity assessment and on-demand webinar, we shared a framework companies can use to measure their level of sophistication when it comes to digital CX.

Where & How You Engage with Customers

This framework helps companies understand their current digital service status in order to determine what initiatives to tackle in the future. We think about this along two axes: 1) where engagements take place, and 2) how those engagements accomplish an objective.

digital customer service strategyPut another way, the "where" describes the channel where the interaction is taking place and the "how" describes what you're enabling customers to do in that channel.

Benchmarking Against the Industry

To determine where to take your digital CX in the future, it can be helpful to compare to what other companies are doing. Specifically, the Matrix looks at what most companies are doing, what many companies are doing, and what forward-thinking companies are doing. This is based on our experience working with makers of more than 2,000 of the world's most popular consumer brands.

Using the Digital Service Matrix to Plan Your CX Initiatives

As companies move along this maturity model, not only do they enable customers to accomplish a wider variety of tasks across an increasing number of channels, they also enhance instant gratification for consumers. Instead of submitting a web form and waiting for an email response, customers can use a company's chatbot to answer questions and resolve issues in real time.

Planning Future CX Initiatives

To establish where you are today and plan where to go in the future, consider the following six questions:

  1. Which of the above channels and objectives are relevant to you today?
  2. Where is your company along this maturity model? Most, many, forward-thinkers, a mix of these?
  3. Are there channels you don't currently support, but want to in the future? If so, which ones?
  4. Are there additional objectives you want customers to be able to accomplish during digital interactions with your company?
  5. How do you envision moving along this model in the next year? What about two or three years?
  6. Will your existing engagement technology be able to support your future initiatives?

For more insight into your level of customer experience sophistication, take a look at our digital service maturity assessment and on-demand webinar, which both dive deeper into this topic.

Keep in mind that the experts at Astute would happy to help build a plan that works for your company today and into the future. Get in touch with us today.


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