Cloud Contact, now powered by Astute

The age of artificial intelligence has arrived, bringing with it tremendous potential for enhancing customer interactions. Give your clients the power of AI to drive customer self-service, seamless escalation, and empowered contact center agents.

Tools for BT Sales

2-Min Animated Video

Animated video explaining the solution. Click to watch, share, or download from Vimeo.

Solution One-Pager

"Power Up Your Customer Experience with BT Cloud Contact"

Sales PowerPoint

Presentation deck describing the solution, its architecture, and its benefits.

Self-Service and Knowledge Use Cases

An overview of Astute's capabilities, plus a closer look at specific use cases for customer self-service and knowledge integrated into the agent desktop.

Bot Training Videos

An album of video vignettes teaching key functionality within Astute Bot. [Note, password is "astute"]

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