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Jan 03, 2016

How WebRTC is Changing Contact Centers


Contact centers continue to evolve and grow in lots of different ways.  One of the influencing factors in this change is the use of WebRTC, which means web real time communication.  WebRTC is technology that enables use of the web browser to support chat, voice and video calls.  This allows customers to start in their preferred self-service mode and easily move to real-time engagement with a click of a button and without ever leaving the browser.

Here is a great article about how WebRTC will boost the power of the contact center.  

Pretty cool, right?  We think so too, which is why we have developed Astute SOS.  Astute SOS is a WebRTC solution that works on any device, whether on your site or within your app. It passes valuable in-context information to your agents for a personalized customer experience.  And, our intelligent escalation features allows you to proactively reach out to your highest priority customers right on the spot.

What today's customers really want is a friction-less transition from channel to channel, be it chat, voice, and video. They want to be able to pick up where they left off no matter the device, no matter the channel, and never have to repeat their story more than once.

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