The Two Customer Experience Stats You Must Act On [Video]

Out of all the customer experience statistics out there, two must absolutely command your attention:

  • 97% of customers that have great service experiences are highly likely to tell their friends and family about it.
  • 96% of unhappy customers won’t even tell you they’re unhappy. (And most of those customers will never buy from you again.)

Watch the video above to learn why these stats matter and what brands need to do to be successful.

Brands must recognize the high potential of every customer interaction, each of which give you an opportunity to delight your customers. In exchange, 97% of them will give spread good word of mouth. No marketing campaign can match the power of word of mouth.

Brands must also proactively engage the 96% of customers who aren’t unhappy but haven’t complained. Negative feedback hurts, but you can only fix problems you know about. If you can resolve the frustrations of your customers who are suffering in silence, you have an opportunity to turn them into brand advocates.

In the eyes of your customers, marketing and customer service are the same function. These two departments must have close collaboration and the right set of software tools to power their initiatives. To provide the proactive and personalized service your customers need, you must bridge the gap between the 97% and the 96%. See how Astute’s smart CRM and KMS solutions can help you get there.

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