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Choice Hotels optimizes its online channel with Voice of the Customer analytics.

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The Challenge

High reservation abandonment

After a website redesign, surveys from Astute (formerly iperceptions) indicated problems on the payment step of the reservation process – many customers were having trouble selecting a credit card to complete their purchases. However, customers did not provide enough information in their survey comments about what exactly had occurred on the site leading up to the issue. Furthermore, Choice Hotels employees were unable to recreate the problem for themselves.

The Solution

Diagnosing the root cause

With Astute’s intelligence and visual replay capability from project partner Tealeaf, Choice Hotels was able to quickly diagnose the problem. It turned out that during the site redesign, the company listed their branded Choice Privileges® MasterCard® as the default credit card selection. Customers using a regular MasterCard did not realize the difference and entered their card number with this selection – only to receive an error message. After several attempts, many customers simply abandoned. With insights from both tools, Choice Hotels was able to identify and resolve the usability problem. Now, no default card is displayed on the payment page and customers actively select their credit card of choice to avoid confusion.

The Results

90% reduction in abandonment

The Voice of the Customer data created more actionable insights and reduced customer abandonment by 90% by quickly validating negative customer experiences and resolving the root cause of issues. Choice Hotels now offers an optimized site based on actual customer data and site experiences, and can better determine the business impact of reported issues for better prioritization of site improvements.

“We are now able to identify gaps in our customer experience then validate and understand the details behind the customer feedback. This integration has been invaluable to helping us optimize all of our online properties.”
– Miguel Almaraz, User Experience Manager, Choice Hotels

About Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels International is one of the most successful lodging franchisors in the world. As an industry leader with millions of customers per month visiting their sites, Choice Hotels knew they needed to maintain online channels that matched their commitment to innovation and customer service.